Life at Fountain View

Established in 1995, FountainView Care Center is a state-of-the-art facility with well-appointed private and semi-private rooms that allow our residents to feel more at home. Our lovely courtyard provides the perfect social area for our residents to gather around one of our namesake fountains, creating an environment for recovery and enjoyment during their stay. In addition, our goal-oriented treatment plans ensure that your stay is never a minute longer than necessary, so you can get back home quicker than ever. Our expert, caring and warm staff work together to ensure you’re receiving the treatment you need and the service you deserve.

Recreation and Entertainment

We provide a stimulating environment, maintain a full recreation schedule and make sure our residents are still connected to the cultural and social dynamics of the world around them. Our goal, no matter the length of one’s stay, is to treat, cultivate and inspire body, mind and spirit so that when a resident returns home, they’ve gained so much more than rehabilitative or nursing care. At FountainView, our goal is to minimize the length of our residents’ stays with us, but at the same time, we hope that every day they’re with us is one they’ll love.

Our Mission Statement

At FountainView, our mission is to provide the epitome of quality care for our residents. When we think about our residents’ care, we don’t just limit it to our medical and rehabilitation care. Instead, we understand that, when our residents are suffering from illness or disability, they deserve so much more than just treatment. Our medical and nursing staff is above par, and our therapy is expertly provided by our professional team of therapists in our state-of-the-art facility. Most importantly, however, is the pride we take in the fact that our staff is warm and caring, always ensuring that our residents are treated with the ultimate kindness and gentleness.

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